Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Where's Kaye?

I didn't set out to do a blog tour in May, but I think I did one anyway. I just asked some friends about blogging at their sites, and inquired about offers I saw on some lists I belong to. And, viola!--a blog tour.

When a writer sets out to do a blog tour, I've heard the recommendation that the posts all be written ahead of time so all you have to do it turn them in. Excellent advice! That's not what I did. I've been coming up with blog subjects several times a week this month. Whew!

So, to avoid coming up with yet another blog subject, I'll refer the readers here to the posts I've made this month, plus some that were made about me.

Starting with a couple in April, and continuing through today, here they are--ta da!

Killer Characters let Mike Mallett, Immy's boss, say a piece onApril 10th

Donnell Bell did an awesome interview of me at Five ScribesApril 20th. 

Look at the ingenious AD E. B. Davis created and posted May 2nd. 

I got the privilege of appearing at Jenny Milchman's Made It Moment May 9th. 

I told Karen Syed what I didn't know before selling a book onLife As a Publisher May 10th. 

Dru Ann Love gave CHOKE a nice reivew at Dru's Cozy CornerMay 15th! 

On May 16th, Jacki Vick interviewed me for her blog, A Writers' Jumble

I was added to the Village of Mystery, a new site to display books and authors. 

Immy was interviewed by Stacy Juba on the game show siteSink or Swim May 20th

Planet Paragraph gave CHOKE some exposure with a 75-word excerpt on May 22th

I wondered about why those of us who writer mysteries do what we do on May 24th at Buried Under Books.

At Nigel Bird's Sea Minor, Kaye George interviewed Kaye George on May 25th.

Immy was persuaded to talk about motherhood at Susie Kline'sMotherhoot May 27th.

May 31st, I pondered Mysteries and Morals at Working Stiffs.

Today, I'm interviewed at Writers Who Kill.

Tomorrow, June 2nd, I'm scheduled at Meanderings and Musings where you can see my very, very messy desk.

And now I think I won't blog for at least a few days!

The game box photo is by Joe Tordiff and is used under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 2.0 Generic license.
Sleeping cat taken by Lewis Collard


  1. A hemmmm, you handy, dandy retired travel agent here. Touring is not the same as traveling. However, very glad to see all the great reviews. I ordered my copy.

  2. I didn't think I should rename the blog for one post, Pat. :)

    Thanks for ordering!

  3. Yikes, I got the last couple wrong! Today I'm at and yesterday was not Killer Characters! I'm confusing myself.

  4. I'm exhausted reading about your blog tour, but I'm sure it will pay off!! Good luck with the book promotion.

  5. I'm going into a coma just reading about your activities. Your organization and energy are impressive. Full speed ahead!

  6. I bit off a little more than I realized! I'm exhausted, too! In fact, I haven't done much today. There's always tomorrow! (but no blogs tomorrow!)