Wednesday, May 25, 2011

CHOKE is an ebook! (soon)

It's not quite done with the processing yet, but it's on the page at Amazon for Kindle! Also at Smashwords, since I put it there first. I'm putting it on PubIt for Barnes and Noble Nook, too, but there's a glitch at the moment. OK it's due to user error.
I was tooling along, talking on the phone and uploading and pasting stuff, thinking how good at multi-tasking I'm getting. After all, I had just put the ebook onto two other sites, this was the third one. I knew what I was doing.

Oops. I loaded it up with the wrong last name for the author. Doh. And some other bad words.

Now I have to wait for it to finish processing (maybe 3 days) before I can change it. Some of you may know that my actual last name is not George, but Egner. (See why I have a pen name? Have you ever heard of that name?) I typed that name for the author! There's no button to edit my book until it's finished with it's grinding away.

It's not clear to me if this is a totally automated event, or if there are humans involved. I'm thinking the former, but if that's true you wouldn't thing it would take that long. Whatever.

It's like that email that you send--then, as it's disappearing, the words flash in front of you and they're not the words you intended. Come back, email, come back! Too late. Gone forever. At least this mistake will be fixable.

I wasn't going to put CHOKE up as an ebook quite yet, but I've gotten so many requests, I decided to start the process. And--to be honest--it might be another week before it's completely finished. Smashwords is waiting for approval for premium status so it can be distributed everywhere. Kindle is waiting for publishing to be complete. And Barnes and Noble, when the processing is done, will need to be fixed. So none of them are complete. I'm not sure if you can purchase them yet on any of these sites.

So much for multi-tasking. Next time I load a book onto an online sales site, I'll hang up the phone.


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  2. It looks like all 3 are live this morning! I posted this too soon. Bad timing--story of my life. :)

  3. But now you have a ready-made topic for today's post.

  4. I had planned to post pictures of my book on the bookshelf at Book People, but I couldn't resist jumping the gun here.