Wednesday, January 13, 2021

The Old and The New

Our government is gearing up for big changes and so are many of us. My own changes should not prove as tumultuous as the national ones, but one of them is giving me trouble, never the less!


The old, for me, is finishing up the Vintage Sweets series. The contract with the publisher, Lyrical Press, was for three books and the third is coming out in March. My writing work for this project is done, but now I need to do some promotional work to make sure the readers of the first two will notice it’s there. They came out in March and June of 2020, so it’s been a while! Just a few days ago, the cover for INTO THE SWEET HEREAFTER was finalized. I’ll share it here—and everywhere else I can think of, since the book is available for pre-order as an e-book right now. Soon, the paperback version will be listed. Then, eventually, audio.


I’ll admit I’m proud of this book. Well, I’m proud of all of them, but I stretched for this one and learned a lot about a grave problem affecting a lot of people, which I hope I can draw some attention to. No, I won’t discuss it here—until after the book is out. You have to read it to find out.


The new is also old, I guess! I put out two books in my Neanderthal murder mystery series, called the People of the Wind series, in 2013 and 2016. These books take a long time to write, as they require tons of research. I’ve had plenty of time to add a lot of research since 2016! I also have helpers who I appreciate so much. Several of my readers and friends make sure I see new articles that come out about that time period, 30,000 years ago, and about the beings and animals that lived back then. The research has been ongoing ever since 2016, even if the writing hasn’t.


You know, though, I’m finding it hard to get back into this project! You really should NOT let 5 years elapse between books in the same series! I’m finding that I have to go back and read the second book so I’ll remember what in the heck was going on with these people. I’ve started doing that and find that I love them just as much as I always did. Maybe, in a year or so, DEATH IN THE NEW LAND will join the other two books. I hope so!