Wednesday, August 26, 2020

My Mantras

A few years ago, when the phrase “YOU CAN DO IT” was used by Nike and repeated by lots of others, I decided to adopt it for my own. I know, a mantra is supposed to be “OHM” and to be chanted in the Lotus position. I cannot achieve that asana, haven’t been able to since my knee surgery several years ago. I still do it, but a modified version. However, my own personal Yoga session just involves deep breathing and an attempt at mind-clearing, no mantra.

A jade Buddha my husband brought home from Korea

So where did I use YOU CAN DO IT? At the end of each journal entry. I call them my Daily Pages, which I got from…somewhere. I do them M-F so I don’t feel like I have to write them every day. It’s my log book, part diary, part what I’ve accomplished in the last day (or weekend), and what I hope to get done that day. It’s the first thing I do in my work day, so the exhortation at the end of my writing serves to propel me into and through the day.

Laughing Buddha also from Korea (he squeaks when you push his belly)

This mantra served me well when I went through a period where I thought I might not be able to do it. During my husband’s decline and after his death, it helped to tell myself that every day.

Prayer stick my son and daughter-in-law left for my husband in Thailand

The temple in Thailand

Before that, I used things like PERSIST and ONWARD. I started YCDI in 2010, actually, and kept it for a long time. Intermittently I used DON’T QUIT NOW, YOU'RE ON THE WAY, GOING GOOD, LET'S GO! In 2014, I used OFF TO THE RACES, since that was the Year of the Horse. I used some others for the Chinese years, coming back to YCDI.

In 2019 I used these two:

Full moon in May

This year I’m using:

And this one from, which my friend Daryl Wood Gerber tells me a lot:

My tea in a cup from a trip to see my cousin in Seattle

I know, that’s not really what a mantra is, but it’s mine and I call it that.

What do you do to encourage yourself? To get you through the day?

All photos are mine.

Monday, August 3, 2020

What Woman Doesn’t Like Jewelry or a #giveaway

INTRO and ANNOUNCEMENT: I've blogged happily on the Killer Characters site since 2015, right after my first Fat Cat books came out, written by me as Janet Cantrell. I switched to promoting the Vintage Sweets series when that one started recently. This week, the decision was made to disband the Killer Character group as a dot com blog, sadly. We're all so sorry to see it go! I had prepared this giveaway to post there on my regular day, the 4th of the month. Instead, please see the message there today.

And read on for my farewell Killer Character post:

by Dorella Diggs 

from INTO THE SWEET HEREAFTER, #3 in the ##VintageSweetsMysteries by Kaye George


I’m not sure what’s going on around here. Fredericksburg has always been such a friendly, peaceful town. Tally, my boss at Tally’s Olde Tyme Sweets, has been talking about a string of break-ins and thefts. Into houses, no less. The local crime watch group, Crime Fritzers, has something to do, at last. My new boyfriend, Ira Mann, is helping with the watch group. I’m so proud of him. I’m also a little star struck, since he is the mayor’s son.

He really treats me well, too. A few days ago he gave me this gorgeous pink sapphire ring. Okay, it’s just a pinky ring, so it can’t be an engagement ring. Or even a promise ring. It’s nice to date someone with money to spare, though, I can tell you. And now he gave me this string of pearls. Not what I would choose, but they had to cost a bundle.


Wait, why is everyone getting so excited? I just came into the shop to show them my new necklace. Surely they don’t believe that nasty customer? The woman who said my sapphire ring was hers? Ira bought these for me. I know he did.  


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pearl photo from by EmmiP