Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Thoughts on Dear Capitals

I ran across this on the Chicago Manual of Style site:

You can see that they don’t favor capitalizing pet names. Example: Please close the door, darling.

When helping others edit, this is the tactic that take (the tack that I take?). However, I DO see a lot of caps used for pet names. I would use capitals for titles, like this:
I’m coming home tonight, Mother.
Will I live or not, Doctor?
Or for pet names consistently used instead of actual names:
Oh for cryin’ out loud, Loopy, you know you can’t jump your motorcycle over the Grand Canyon.

But not for a common endearment, as in the second paragraph.

The question in the link mentioned “down” styling. I’m wondering just what this means. Any ideas?

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

My Last Eclipse Teasers

I’m happy this series has been successful and my readers have enjoyed it so much. This is the 6th and last group of 4 tidbits of eclipse stories that will appear in DAY OF THE DARK, the short story anthology of eclipse-based stories coming out July 21st from Wildside Press.

We reached the eastern shore with the last story from last week, so these are others that aren’t in order of the path of totality, or even in the same century or on the same continent sometimes. Without further ado, here is the last batch of the 24 stories:

“Women’s Work” by KB Inglee is a historical mystery story, set in the DC area in 1875. The reason her period pieces feel so authentic is because she spends a lot of time dressed up and re-enacting that period as a tour guide for an old mill.

“Open House” by Bridges DelPont takes us to a quirky swindle that I know you’ll enjoy in Boston.

“Relatively Annoying” by John Clark includes horror and sci-fi elements and a partial eclipse with other heavenly happenings. A chilling tale.

“Ascension into Darkness” by Christine Hammar, with a lunar eclipse, finishes up in Finland with murder and suspense.

I’ll do at least one more blog on this anthology, so stay tuned! And thanks for your continued interest.   

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

More Eclipse Teasers

The place I first heard of the upcoming total solar eclipse (coming closer every day!) was on Earth and Sky.  In fact, I subscribe to their posts and get them every day. If you follow me on Facebook, you’ve probably seen me repost some of their things. I’ve always been fascinated by what’s up there in the sky—and by what’s down here on the earth.

The 24 authors who contributed to DAY OF THE DARK, our short story anthology of eclipse-based stories, decided to give some of the proceeds to charity. Guess what I chose? You’re right, Earth and Sky! Two others chose that, too. We’re a varied group, so we have a lot of different interests. Here are the charities that will benefit from our sales--

I like to say that these donations are going to these great causes in the spirit of light and life: Earth and Sky, Petconnect Rescue, Natural Resources Defense Council, Science Center in Finland,, Friends of Goldendale Observatory, Friends of the Earth, Morehead Planetarium, Texas Museum of Science and Techonology, for STEM education for future astronomers and scientists in Detroit, and personal friends in need. 

Here are teasers for 4 more stories, coming out July 21st, a month before the total solar eclipse in North America, from Wildside Press.

“Baby Killer” by Margaret S. Hamilton is a non-murder mystery eclipse tale that starts in Ohio and ends up in Tennessee. This one happens just after mine, also in TN and a bit to the west.

“Flying Girl” by Toni Goodyear continues the trend, taking place as the eclipse hits the Smokies. It’s a wonderful feel-good story told from a child’s point of view.

“To the Moon and Back” by Kristin Kisska will break your heart with the portrayal of mother-daughter love ending up in Greenville SC as the eclipse approaches there.

“Rays of Hope” by Harriet Sackler takes place on the coast of SC and involves a past mystery, treating the eclipse almost as a character in the story.

There are just 4 more stories to use for enticement. And the cover, of course. Isn’t it beautiful?

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Third Eclipse Glimpse

Most eclipses just happen once, then they’re done. I’m enjoying drawing this one out by giving you a bit of info at a time. I returned from the Malice Domestic conference last week and know I should be blogging on that, but I neglected to take any pictures and had very little chance to promote the novels I had published in 2016, so the main value for me was chatting with writers and readers that I’ve known for years, some I’ve known for much less time, and some I just met this trip. Love that conference!

Here’s the best thing that happened for me while I was there. I dropped by the Wildside Press table in the dealers’ room and John Betancourt was just putting the finishing touches on the cover of Day of the Dark! Carla Coupe sent it to my phone and I showed it to everyone there. Now you can see it, too!

And now, a bit about 4 more of the 24 stories that will appear in the anthology, coming July 21st, a month before the total solar eclipse in North America.

“Awaiting the Hour” by Joseph S. Walker is a poignant tale of gentleness and brutality, side by side that will make you weep. At least I did! The story takes place as the eclipse comes to Kentucky.

“A Golden Eclipse” by Debra Goldstein reminds us that no matter what the event, there are always people ready use any occasion to take advantage of others.

“Picture Perfect” by LD Masterson is also placed in Kentucky and brings fine art into play. Well, fine photography anyway.

“The Darkest Hour” by yours truly, Kaye George, is set in my own town of Farragut (which is part of Knoxville TN) and I hope has enough of a twist for you.

Stay tuned for ordering information. It’s also possible the July 21st release date will move up a bit. Right now, as I type, we are all going over our proof pages, so it’s getting there!