Wednesday, May 17, 2017

More Eclipse Teasers

The place I first heard of the upcoming total solar eclipse (coming closer every day!) was on Earth and Sky.  In fact, I subscribe to their posts and get them every day. If you follow me on Facebook, you’ve probably seen me repost some of their things. I’ve always been fascinated by what’s up there in the sky—and by what’s down here on the earth.

The 24 authors who contributed to DAY OF THE DARK, our short story anthology of eclipse-based stories, decided to give some of the proceeds to charity. Guess what I chose? You’re right, Earth and Sky! Two others chose that, too. We’re a varied group, so we have a lot of different interests. Here are the charities that will benefit from our sales--

I like to say that these donations are going to these great causes in the spirit of light and life: Earth and Sky, Petconnect Rescue, Natural Resources Defense Council, Science Center in Finland,, Friends of Goldendale Observatory, Friends of the Earth, Morehead Planetarium, Texas Museum of Science and Techonology, for STEM education for future astronomers and scientists in Detroit, and personal friends in need. 

Here are teasers for 4 more stories, coming out July 21st, a month before the total solar eclipse in North America, from Wildside Press.

“Baby Killer” by Margaret S. Hamilton is a non-murder mystery eclipse tale that starts in Ohio and ends up in Tennessee. This one happens just after mine, also in TN and a bit to the west.

“Flying Girl” by Toni Goodyear continues the trend, taking place as the eclipse hits the Smokies. It’s a wonderful feel-good story told from a child’s point of view.

“To the Moon and Back” by Kristin Kisska will break your heart with the portrayal of mother-daughter love ending up in Greenville SC as the eclipse approaches there.

“Rays of Hope” by Harriet Sackler takes place on the coast of SC and involves a past mystery, treating the eclipse almost as a character in the story.

There are just 4 more stories to use for enticement. And the cover, of course. Isn’t it beautiful?


  1. Am so excited for this anthology to be released into the world. Here's to the total solar eclipse this summer AND the stories it inspired!

  2. Me too! Thanks for commenting, Kristin.

  3. I don't keep up with Earth and Sky, but I subscribe to you, so I keep up. I'm excited about the book, too. That's a classy cover.

  4. And I post the most interesting stuff online--at least the stuff that's the most interesting to me. :)