Wednesday, May 24, 2017

My Last Eclipse Teasers

I’m happy this series has been successful and my readers have enjoyed it so much. This is the 6th and last group of 4 tidbits of eclipse stories that will appear in DAY OF THE DARK, the short story anthology of eclipse-based stories coming out July 21st from Wildside Press.

We reached the eastern shore with the last story from last week, so these are others that aren’t in order of the path of totality, or even in the same century or on the same continent sometimes. Without further ado, here is the last batch of the 24 stories:

“Women’s Work” by KB Inglee is a historical mystery story, set in the DC area in 1875. The reason her period pieces feel so authentic is because she spends a lot of time dressed up and re-enacting that period as a tour guide for an old mill.

“Open House” by Bridges DelPont takes us to a quirky swindle that I know you’ll enjoy in Boston.

“Relatively Annoying” by John Clark includes horror and sci-fi elements and a partial eclipse with other heavenly happenings. A chilling tale.

“Ascension into Darkness” by Christine Hammar, with a lunar eclipse, finishes up in Finland with murder and suspense.

I’ll do at least one more blog on this anthology, so stay tuned! And thanks for your continued interest.   


  1. Thanks for the tidbits from the upcoming Day of the Dark....sounds like a must read.

  2. That's good of you to say that!

  3. I've enjoyed reading the tidbits and looking forward to the book. I've recently rekindled my interest in short stories and admire the process, not only of creating them but editing a collection.

  4. As a contributor to DAY OF THE DARK myself, I've read some of the stories already and these brief descriptions make me want to read more! There's great variety--from light to dark, historical to the present-day, lunar as well as solar eclipses. Thanks again, Kaye, for bringing all these stories together in an anthology!

  5. Thanks for the share, and for the wonderful comments! Reine, I hope you'll love this volume. Leslie, that's exactly what I had in mind--great variety. I hope it works well.