Wednesday, August 2, 2017


No? Would you like a couple pair of them? Comment here to win them! But wait, there’s more!

If you win the glasses, you will also win a copy of DAY OF THE DARK: Stories of Eclipse, from Wildside Press. This is a stellar (well, solar and lunar anyway) volume of 24 short stories, ranging from light to dark and falling across several genres as the shadow of the moon falls across the country. Something for everyone, just like the eclipse will hit everyone on the continental United States.

Some of you will experience the total solar eclipse, some of you only 90%, but that’s worth a trip outside, too, if it’s not raining where you live.

The date I’ll pick a winner is August 5th, midnight Eastern Time. I want to be able to mail the loot out to get there in time for the event! The date of the eclipse is August 21st. I HOPE we have clear skies for it, and hope you do, too!