Wednesday, June 16, 2021

Interviews All Over the Place


For some reason, I’m doing a lot of interviews in the last few weeks. If you have a burning desire to read my thoughts, mostly on writing, here are some places to quench that conflagration.



(I should also mention that my blog posts lately have been about writing only in the most tangential sense. The pandemic has figured prominently. I guess that’s understandable.


Quenching. Whew!

So, the interviews. One just appearing yesterday from a place I hadn’t heard about before, NFReads. The contact, Tony Eames, is very good to work with. He had some terrific questions for me to pick from. He said I could add my own, but his were good!



The one before that one was with Lois Winston’s Anastasia Pollack—a cute concept. Her character runs the blog behind her back. My character, Tally Holt, did the exchange with her, natch.


At the end of March, Leah Bailey at Cozy Ink did this podcast, which turned out to be run, even though I was nervous.


Just before that, Tiffany, the Beach Bum Book Worm, aka beachbumbookworm had a long video chat with me. I was nervous for that, too, but quickly relaxed since she is such a warm, bubbly person.


All of my recent publicity can be found on my Press Kit page, Press Kit, doesn’t that sound impressive? I thought so.



Thanks for coming by!


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Wednesday, June 9, 2021


 6 9 2021 


Normal? What’s that? I posed this on Facebook, saying:

I see people wondering if life will ever get back to normal. Was it EVER normal?


Of course not. Normal doesn’t even exist. I’m glad a discussion ensued. A couple of people said it’s a setting on a washing machine or a dryer. Others said it was more normal before 2016. 


But was it? I’m one of the people who has become aware of how others live in the last year or so. I mean, I always knew that racism (and all the other “ism”s) exist in our country, on our globe, everywhere. But I really had never stopped to think what it’s like to BE Black in this country, or to raise Black children and to have fears that no parent should ever have.


There are, of course, many other issues that deserve discourse, but I’m tackling this one today.


Maybe, before the overt racism emerged with the twice-impeached president, things were “normal” for some people, people who were comfortable, complacent, and unaware, much as I have been for most of my life. Now that I know, and that everyone else who was unaware should know, too, I see through a different lens. There’s no rose tint. There’s not even a clear view of many things I used to think I saw.


I always knew that there are no people who are normal—those don’t exist. Everyone is their own person and none of us are the same. But I see that my grocery store, my town, my neighborhood are not even the same for everyone.


I have yet to see how this will affect my writing. First I have to see how it will affect my life.


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Wednesday, June 2, 2021

What Month IS This?

 6 2 2021 

 I have collected a concoction of things to inspire me when/if I get stuck. One thing I like to do is to look at my list of special days and month. For instance, June is the month of all these things!


Pride Month (This is a good one, of course.)

Aquarium Month (I can see that someone might want to rejoice in their fish collection)

 Candy Month (Here’s one I can get behind one hundred percent. I even wrote a series on the subject!)

 Dairy Month (OK, I can have some. Probably not every day, but some.)

 Fight the Filthy Fly Month (Um, it’s couched in a pretty belligerent way, isn’t it?) (Maybe this year, we should celebrate Brood X cicadas.)


National Accordion Awareness Month (Are people really not aware of accordions?)

National Adopt a Cat Month (Another good one.)

National Fresh Fruit and Vegetables Month (I suppose this is necessary, but aren’t we supposed to eat them every month?)

Rose Month (Mine are looking good now, so this is timely.)

Turkey Lovers Month (I’m not sure how this is meant, if you know what I mean.)


I can get with some of those, some of them I’ll just let pass by me.


Do any of you celebrate any of these? If so, how do you do it?