Wednesday, May 31, 2023

A sad farewell

 5 31 2023


Not really THAT sad. This blog has been a good thing for me for quite a few years. I’ve been blogging here since January 2010 on my writing journey. It’s been a long one, that’s for sure. I queried forever, and ended up getting 15 novels published, soon to be 16. Two are out of print, but about to go back into print, thanks to Untreed Reads picking them up. (I’m writing a third in that series now.)



What have I accomplished over these years, 13 of them? (That’s my lucky number, luckily.)



***Imogene Duckworthy series, 4 novels: CHOKE, SMOKE, BROKE, STROKE. Maybe more to come there. I do love writing these.



***Cressa Carraway Musical Mysteries: published with the titles EINE KLEINE MURDER, REQUIEM IN RED. To be republished with the titles I wanted originally, SONG OF DEATH, REQUIEM FOR RED, and the third which is being written now, SWAN SONG.



***Prehistory, People of the Wind series: DEATH IN THE TIME OF ICE, DEATH ON THE TREK, DEATH IN THE NEW LAND.









***A Neanderthal recipe for mammoth jerky in COZY FOOD recipe book.



***About 50 short stories in anthologies, magazines, etc. And I’ve published and helped publish a few anthologies myself.



***Helped found the East TN Sister in Crime chapter, Smoking Guns.




***Was treasurer, then president for the awesome online chapter of Sister in Crime, Guppies.



Not too bad, I think! BUT, I haven’t been maintaining this blog, and don’t seem to need it anymore. There aren’t many followers since the following software got all messed up.



SO, it’s time to leave. The post will remain here forever, or until the planet burns or drowns.



Meanwhile, I have grandkids to enjoy, a few more travels to do, and books and stories to write. Thank you, everyone who stuck with this!



I mostly keep this page up, if you want to follow something. I’m also on some social media, links at the bottom of the page.



Tuesday, April 18, 2023


 4 18 2023



A special day!

This is the release day of my brand new novel, STROKE!



If you were wise enough to pre-order, they should start going out today. If you forgot to do it, you can order it anyway! (HOW TO WIN A COPY IS BELOW)


I shall kindly give you the links. You’re welcome. E-book should be out soon, but the paperback is ready now.



Untreed Reads



Amazon paperback and e-book pre-order



Apple iBook






HOWEVER, I would very much like to give away a copy to a fan of this series.

The Imogene Duckworthy series features a mostly clueless inept detective who solves crimes, in spite of doing everything wrong. The first three books are CHOKE, SMOKE, and BROKE. A pet pig named Marshmallow makes an entrance part way through the series, and a goat named Babalu shows up in this book. Along with a dead groom on the morning of his wedding.



If you’ve read the first three, you can comment below to win the new 4th book. If you haven’t read all or any of them, you’ll have a chance to win whichever one you pick. 

Thursday, January 19, 2023

Can You Hear Me?



I have to tell you something! Remember I posted about 4 new books upcoming? There are actually two more! Untreed Reads is doing audio books of the 2nd and 3rd Neanderthal mysteries!


Jay Hartman gave me two sample readings and I preferred the same voice he did, so it’s underway. No date on this, but it won’t be too long. If you prefer listening to your Neanderthal mysteries, you won’t have to wait much long.


If you want other audio books of my works, you can find them on the web page:


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Friday, January 13, 2023

New contract!

 I received the completed contract last night for 4 projects! I'm very excited about this!! I believe a celebration is called for.

Untreed Reads will re-issue my first two Cressa Carraway musical mysteries and I'm writing a third to go with them. They will also publish my just-completed STROKE, the 4th Imogene Duckworthy novel. I loved getting together with all the characters from both of these series!

There are details in my newsletter, but I wanted to post that here, too, in case this is the only place you look. Thank you for being a reader and a fan!

Newsletter sign up is on my webpage: