Tuesday, April 18, 2023


 4 18 2023



A special day!

This is the release day of my brand new novel, STROKE!



If you were wise enough to pre-order, they should start going out today. If you forgot to do it, you can order it anyway! (HOW TO WIN A COPY IS BELOW)


I shall kindly give you the links. You’re welcome. E-book should be out soon, but the paperback is ready now.



Untreed Reads




Amazon paperback and e-book pre-order




Apple iBook








HOWEVER, I would very much like to give away a copy to a fan of this series.

The Imogene Duckworthy series features a mostly clueless inept detective who solves crimes, in spite of doing everything wrong. The first three books are CHOKE, SMOKE, and BROKE. A pet pig named Marshmallow makes an entrance part way through the series, and a goat named Babalu shows up in this book. Along with a dead groom on the morning of his wedding.



If you’ve read the first three, you can comment below to win the new 4th book. If you haven’t read all or any of them, you’ll have a chance to win whichever one you pick.