Thursday, July 14, 2022

Almost here!


7 14 2022 


My latest, DEATH IN THE NEW LAND, is out very soon, the 19th of this month!



I’d like to catch you up on some of the places you can find out more about this book. But first, I’ll tell you myself, since I wrote it. This is the third in the People of the Wind series, which is what Untreed Reads and I call my Neanderthal mystery series. As far as I know, I am the only person writing prehistory mysteries. Lots of others write prehistory fiction, but not mysteries.



Blurb for this book: Enga Dancing Flower and her tribe have reached a place they can stay in safety. Or have they?

It’s clear the groups of other settlers in the area do not want more neighbors, and this is made even more evident when a male of Enga’s tribe is murdered, and a baby is kidnapped.


The future of the tribe is immediately put into question. Can Enga and her people find the killer and rescue the baby? Or will the security and bright future the tribe has dreamed of fall to pieces?




An early reader posted an excellent review on July 7th, which I need to tell you about. Amber Foxx, who writes the Mae Martin Psychic Mysteries, no murder, just mysteries, lives where this book takes places, in what is now New Mexico. It was quite a different place then, but Tucumcari Mountain has not changed. Here’s the link to her review:



On the 16th, I’ll have a guest blog at Ladies of Mystery. I try to answer the question about my main character: Where Did Enga Dancing Flower Come From?



Then, two together.

The 20th, I’m blogging at Lyrical Pens, where cj petterson has been kindly posted about my upcoming release about my motivation for writing this series. Please check out her books, too!



The very next day, George Cramer hosts me at and I answer his fun interview questions. He’s an author, a PI, and Native American of Karuk descent. His debut novel, THE MONA LISA SISTERS, came out in 2020.



On the 24th you’ll be able to read very nice the interview that Amber Foxx did. She wants to know all about how and why I write theses.



Then, to cap things off, my main character, Enga Dancing Flower, tells about her day at Dru’s Musings. Come over that day for a giveaway! It will run from 8/5-8/8,



Here’s a reminder about the interview I had with Emily Dunn in June. We covered a lot of topics!



Where to get my new novel? That’s easy—almost anywhere. Your book store can order it, you can get it online, but you can save money getting it directly from the publisher.


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