Wednesday, December 8, 2021

Habits, Old and New

12/7 Habits, Old and New


It’s nearly the end of the year. Good riddance again, right? I hope we don’t say that again next year at this time, but you never know. In fact, we’ve found out so much that we didn’t know—that no one knew—about the new virus, and what to do about it. Maybe we’ll be better prepared should another one come along in the lifetime of anyone living today.


Anyway, what I wanted to write about is the subject of taking stock. We add up what we got accomplished this year, and set down, at least in our minds, what we want to make happen next year. I know, the million dollar lottery, NY Times bestseller list, true love, those are on some lists, I’m sure.


I want to talk about habits, though. Many of my habits, lifelong habits, did not serve me well for the pandemic. One thing I’ve always liked to do when I standing in a line, like at the grocery store, is to try to chat with those around me. The way to initiate that is with a friendly smile and an observation of something happening, or a compliment on the person’s clothing, hair, nails. This last one fulfills part of my mission to try to make a person’s day better. Also, if they tell me something interesting…well…everything’s material. So that’s my selfish mission.


BUT, this is really hard to do when you’re not going to the grocery store. Then when you do go, you’re standing at least six feet from everyone (ideally) and wearing a mask. I know, you can smile with your eyes, but it’s hard to see. And you’re six or eight feet away.


It was time last year to form new habits. Buying lots of toilet paper. (I heard, knock on wood, that it’s scarce AGAIN.) Using hand sanitizer, opening doors with your shirt tail or your elbow, pressing elevator buttons with your knuckle. Washing your hand a lot. Making sure you have a mask in the car before you set out. Coming back to get one because you forgot to do that.

 I wonder which of these are habits I’ll keep up. If any. I’ll admit, I’ve gotten a little obsessed with buying TP. I find it hard to not get is every time I shop. That should be self-limiting when my closet runs completely out of space, one would think. I hope, though, that someday I’ll quit buying it and won’t need to stockpile any more. 2022? 2023? Who knows? No one.


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