Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Third Eclipse Glimpse

Most eclipses just happen once, then they’re done. I’m enjoying drawing this one out by giving you a bit of info at a time. I returned from the Malice Domestic conference last week and know I should be blogging on that, but I neglected to take any pictures and had very little chance to promote the novels I had published in 2016, so the main value for me was chatting with writers and readers that I’ve known for years, some I’ve known for much less time, and some I just met this trip. Love that conference!

Here’s the best thing that happened for me while I was there. I dropped by the Wildside Press table in the dealers’ room and John Betancourt was just putting the finishing touches on the cover of Day of the Dark! Carla Coupe sent it to my phone and I showed it to everyone there. Now you can see it, too!

And now, a bit about 4 more of the 24 stories that will appear in the anthology, coming July 21st, a month before the total solar eclipse in North America.

“Awaiting the Hour” by Joseph S. Walker is a poignant tale of gentleness and brutality, side by side that will make you weep. At least I did! The story takes place as the eclipse comes to Kentucky.

“A Golden Eclipse” by Debra Goldstein reminds us that no matter what the event, there are always people ready use any occasion to take advantage of others.

“Picture Perfect” by LD Masterson is also placed in Kentucky and brings fine art into play. Well, fine photography anyway.

“The Darkest Hour” by yours truly, Kaye George, is set in my own town of Farragut (which is part of Knoxville TN) and I hope has enough of a twist for you.

Stay tuned for ordering information. It’s also possible the July 21st release date will move up a bit. Right now, as I type, we are all going over our proof pages, so it’s getting there!


  1. Looking forward to publication of Day of the Dark. Having had a sneak peak at both the cover (gorgeous) and the stories (varied, interesting ... a taste for everyone), can't wait until the book is shared with everyone. Appreciate you including my tale which touches on the larceny available in any situation....after all, we all are human, aren't we?

  2. I love the cover. Can't wait to read all the stories.

  3. Debra, some may be more "human" than others. :)
    Glad the cover is going over so well! Thanks, LD.

  4. cj Sez: Great cover and the story teasers do a good job of increasing the tension of waiting...Did you do that on purpose? Congrats to all!

  5. cj Sez....Disclaimer after I read my post: Of course I know you did those teasers on purpose and you did a fine job.

  6. Thank you, cj! I'm glad it's working.