Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Reporting on a New Destination, Hill Country Bookstore signing

Sign outside the store with MY name on it!

I signed my novel, as well as the Guppy anthology, at the Malice Domestic mystery convention, and I signed my short story collection at Left Coast Crime, but this was different. Hill Country Bookstore hosted my for my debut solo signing! I got to sell all three at once. It was greatly enhanced by the fact that it took place during the  First Friday celebration, which means all the stores on the historic Georgetown (TX) square stay open late, a band plays by the courthouse in the middle of the square, and many places (including the bookstore) provide food and drink to strollers and customers. Very fun!
Me with my chocolate handouts
What made it special was that many friends showed up. Friends who are writers, librarians, and readers. Many of them didn't know each other, they just knew me. But they all had one thing in common--books. At one point during the evening, when some of these newly introduced and, evidently, compatible people were hanging around my table chatting, I remarked that it was like I was having a soiree. I've always wanted to have a soiree! Since I don't know exactly what that is, I'm calling last Friday mine. Ignorance can be used.

Preston and Sarah Stone, the owners of Hill Country, are warm and gracious people and I want to thank them so much for making my first signing such a good experience.

I also have to thank Kathy Waller for taking pictures.

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  1. And a lovely soiree it was. Kathy Waller says you're welcome.