Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Gathering Momentum

I had planned to do a lot of promotion for CHOKE in May, then get back to writing BROKE (and polishing SMOKE for a full swap) in June. So far, that's not happening. I think maybe my promotional activities are just taking hold and gathering momentum. I actually have people coming to me to interview me. And I arranged another signing today, at a Barnes & Noble--yay! I even had someone request me to write something today. That's only happened once before, at Dark Valentine, RIP.

I hope that's what's happening anyway.

If only my WIP would gather some momentum! How do people who are promoting novels find time to write?

Photo, Mercedes in Motion, is in the  public domain.


  1. You'll let us know more about the Barnes & Noble signing as the date nears, right?

  2. August 6th, but yes I'll post it all over the place.