Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Projects, Projects, Projects!

I always think it’s better to have too much work than not enough. Maybe that’s why I get myself so involved in projects.

I’m very happy that my new agent is trying to find a home for a series I dreamed up awhile back, the Texas Festival Mysteries. I envision my sleuth driving her Cookie Cart (a cookie food truck) from one Texas festival to the next, selling cookies that are themed to the celebration. Let me tell you, Texas has enough strange and wonderful festivals to keep that series going for many years to come. Like this one!

Meanwhile, I turned the second Vintage Sweets mystery, DEADLY SWEET TOOTH, in to my editor at Lyrical Press. That series will also take place in Texas, but will mostly stay rooted in lovely touristy Fredericksburg, nestled in amongst a lot of wineries in picturesque Texas Hill country.

Meanwhile, I’m working on a short story to submit to an upcoming anthology with a deadline looming very soon.

Meanwhile, I need to tell you about an exciting event coming up the last Sunday of this month—a radio broadcast about me! A short piece about me and my work will be read by Jody Sims on WUOT, the local public radio station. The program is called TheAuthors Page and comes on at 8:35 am EST. But don’t worry, they shows are all recorded and can be heard any time.

Most of the programs are about famous TN writers. These were written by the member of the Authors Guild of Tennessee, of which I’m a member. (I wrote one of the scripts that will appear later.) Check out some of these while you’re there. The broadcasts are short, about five minutes. The last Sunday of the month, however, is devoted to telling you about the members of our group. And mine is coming up this month!

 all photos are mine

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