Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Remodel and Rewrite

We’ve just completed a remodel of our master bath. It’s a small room, so it wasn’t too complicated, it seemed to take forever.

The harvest gold wasn’t the main problem (I still think it’s a pretty color), but the non-functioning faucet and obvious leakage behind the tiles was.

The whole thing was stripped down to the bare walls. Well, beyond the bare walls, actually. To the studs in places. Then, over the last 3 weeks, a brand new bathroom was created.

This reminds me of some stories I’ve written. It also reminds me of a novel I’m presently gutting and redoing. I’ve been fiddling around with the sequel to EINE KLEIN MURDER, which I’m calling REQUIEM FOR RED as a working title. The bones are there. I guess those are the bare studs. But things need to be moved around and rearranged. I’m looking forward to having a new novel out of this eventually


  1. Oh my... when we leave Oklahoma and move back to Louisiana, we'll be doing some renovating too. We were told our bathtub can't be removed--it was put in first--so I've wondered if we should have it 'reconditioned' or just tear it (and the wall) out for a walk in shower. So many decisions! So much money! Never compared it to gutting a novel. Makes sense. And I have several I need to gut. Good post, Kaye.

  2. One contractor told us he would have to tear the tub apart,another told us all the walls would have to be taken out. In the end, just the walls surrounding the tub came out. Try another contractor--or handyman! The tub we got is an extra deep soaking tub, the first of those I've ever had. I love it! (Of course, I've tried it once so far.)