Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Ideal Times To Do Things

I try to find a nifty calendar at the beginning of each year, in case I get stuck for blog topics. This is my favorite:

This one is pretty cool, too:

As you can see, it’s National Blueberry Month.

We’re celebrating Hot Dogs and Ice Cream this month, too. Since today is National Disobedience Day, that accounts for my failure to post my blog in a timely fashion. I’ll have no trouble with Stay Out of the Sun Day since we’re completely overcast with 80 percent chance of rain for most of the day. I’m looking forward to the 7th (Chocolate Day).

At the bottom of that first calendar, in fine print, are some helpful publicity tips, such as best days to release PR: Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. I sent press releases to the local newspapers yesterday, so maybe I did something right!

There is more fine print--critical lead times. For daily papers, 7-10 days, and for weekly ones, 4-6 weeks. I did one of each, so I won’t be expecting immediate responses. (Actually, I don’t expect any response, but it would be very nice!)

Now it’s time to eat ice cream and blueberries in the shade!


  1. Ice Cream Day?!? Which day is Ice Cream Day? I want to celebrate that one big time!