Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Some of the Throes of Moving

The two things I hate leaving most (besides friends and family) are my doctor and my hairdresser. It’s such a pain to have to break new ones in! My husband and I are both getting shaggy, so we’d better get on that one soon.

One thing I thought I wouldn’t have to do is find a new place to bank for my Kaye George business account. However, my Texas credit union isn’t going to work here. I was told they do some sort of remote/share banking with Tennessee credit unions. However, after spending eons on hold with them (at the TN credit union!), I found out that business accounts are not eligible for that. Ugh. So today I’ll open an account with a local credit union, then start to switch all the associations: Amazon, B&N’s Pubit, PayPal, Createspace, Smashwords, Untreed Reads, and probably some that I’ve forgotten. Some of those pay directly to PayPal (I’m pretty sure Untreed Reads does), so maybe that job won’t be as bad as I’m thinking it will be.

We got some new furniture delivered yesterday. We left our dressers behind when we left Taylor for Hubbard in June of last year. I bought a new dresser in Waco, while we were in Hubbard, but Cliff didn’t. Now we both have new ones! It is SUCH a pain living out of a suitcase in your own home.

Our new house has a lovely sunroom in the back, overlooking our yard and the woods at the foot of our property. Our other new purchase was a small round table and four chairs for that sunroom. Can’t wait for my first cup of tea at my new table. In fact, I’m going to go make that right now.

Meanwhile, writing-wise, I’m in the midst of galley proofs for EINE KLEINE MURDER and they’re going very well! I hope to finish well before my 20-day deadline.


  1. I know what you mean about not wanting to change bank accounts. I still have an active one in the Cincinnati area just so I don't have to mess around with a bunch of automatic credits and payments.

    Glad to hear your proofs are going well.

    ~ Jim

  2. You don't have to move to run into that hassle. My bank is changing its checking account structure and I've decided it's time to look for a new bank. But all those accounts, and direct deposits, and auto-payments...argh.

  3. LD, I hated it when our credit union decided to become a bank a few years ago. Ugh! Changing bank accounts it the pits!