Tuesday, May 22, 2012


I'm going to cop out this week and merely refer you to a couple of excellent articles that contain a better discourse on commas than I could ever do. Since I'm reformatting CHOKE for paperback, this is timely. I'm going to refer to this source to get my commas all straightened out!

Both articles appeared in the NYTimes, one in April, and one this month. They seem like companion pieces, so I'll put both links here for your reading pleasure and edification (in case you needed that).

My thanks to Ben Yagoda for both of these fine references.


  1. Comma are especially troublesome for older writers. All the rules that were drummed into my head in school seem to have changed. I'm saving these links.

  2. I grew up reading Dickens, with those wonderful sentences that ran on for pages. Now THOSE were commas. :)