Monday, October 24, 2022

Just a note FYI

 10 24 2022 


Amazon—for writers, we can’t really live without it today. But it’s darn hard to live WITH it.


The newest glitch/innovation/mess is that you will NOT see all of my books when you google my name there, NOR when you go to my author page.


My google, that pulled up 8 total books.


My author page, that is missing the first book in two of the series.


According to messages to various authors, this is a mess-up and will be corrected OR it’s a new policy to do…something they think they should do.


At any rate, IF you want to see my books and my short stories, you can see them on my own page.



  1. I finally got around to checking my Amazon listing and they're all there. Of course, it's been seven years since the last one was published, and there's six total, so maybe the bot doesn't think I'm worth bothering with!

    1. Mine are okay now, too. I think it was a momentary glitch. People who check Amazon a lot more often that I do noticed it.