Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Travels of Kaye

We’re on the move again next month. My husband and I used to get what we called “itchy feet” every 2 or 3 years and we’d want to move somewhere. For a time, we did. We were both raised in Illinois and got married there, then went to South Carolina. Our next stop was Montana, on to Ohio, up to Minnesota, down to Texas, back up to Michigan, and back to Texas, where we stayed a good long time.

Sometimes I say we’re touring the United States the hard way, by living each place instead of just visiting.

Now we’re moving on to Tennessee. We’ll miss lots about the place where we’ve been the longest, but we’ll be so happy to get out of the heat and drought. We’re trading burnt orange for what hubby calls traffic-cone orange, state-university-wise.

While in Texas, we’ve done a tour of that state, too, living in Dallas, Holliday (Wichita Falls), Taylor (Austin), and Hubbard (Waco). Our last move was in June of 2012 and, being very busy with writing books, and related things, we haven’t finished unpacking. That will save us money on the next move since it doesn’t cost much for the movers to merely carry boxes out that they haven’t packed.

January will be hectic, but we’re looking forward to getting to know a new part of the country.

Public domain illustration by Homer Dodge Martin, engraved by R. Hinshelwood


  1. Exciting, exploring new territory. I envy you the adventure. But I'll miss you, too. So I can better handle your absence, please keep the Immy books coming.

  2. I'll try my best! Between Fat Cats and Cressa Carraways.