Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Christmas is over, time for New Year’s Resolutions

Since it’s the holidays, I’m sort of taking this week off from the blog and repeated one that appeared last Saturday at, where I blog twice a month. Here goes:

I usually do make New Year’s resolutions, but do I ever keep them? Only if I rig it--make a resolution I already know I’ll do. It’s kind of a depressing practice because it so often sets me up for failure. Never again!

I’m starting a new tradition, beginning this year. It was prompted by one of those funny picture thingies on Facebook. Lots of them make me chuckle a little, some make me laugh out loud, some make me shake my head, but this one made me stop and think. Here’s what it said:

**Start 2013 off with an empty jar and fill it with notes about good things that happen. On new years eve (sic), empty it and see what awesome stuff happened that year.

Writers, we can use these for our successes. A publication, a review, a kind word about something we wrote, or interest in our work.

Being prone to depression, I keep things around that I can review when I feel myself starting to crash--funny books and movies usually. I also have an *attagirl* file with accomplishments so I can remind myself that I can do stuff when I set my mind to it. This is kind of an extension of that. It’s a Good Things Jar, a Feel Good Jar. I think I’ll get a big one.

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  1. Are you starting your jar on Jan. 1?
    I'm thinking about it.

  2. If I can get to somewhere to buy one before then, I will.

  3. Today is Jan 1, so I need a jar. There are jars around here with lids, but I may have to fight my husband for one because he is using every possible container to grow sprouts!

  4. I got one, but it's plastic and I'm not too happy with it. It'll do for now and maybe I can switch it later. Sprouts, huh? You only need so many, don't you?