Wednesday, December 5, 2012

The Sky Is Falling, The Sky Is Falling!

December 21st is coming! End of the world--according to a civilization that isn’t around to defend itself. Poor Mayans, they’re taking the blame for a lot.

But zombie fans are having a ball. (Type “zombie run” into the Googler and you’ll see what I mean, in case you’ve missed this phenom.) So are apocalypse writers. I’ll make sure you don’t miss this phenom!

Do you recall Isaac Asimov’s eerie, chilling, sci-fi story, NIGHTFALL? He postulated a planet that had so many suns that it was always bathed in light. Every 2000 years, night does occur, but civilizations come and go between those times and, to the present one, no one has ever known night.  I forget if the suns all line up, or how this happens, but I remember the encroaching darkness, spreading over their sunny planet, that strikes terror in their hearts.

Now, imagine an anthology full of “nightfall” stories! It’s called NIGHTFALLS: Notes from the end of the world. A bunch of us writers imagined the end of the world and what would go through a person’s mind if they knew it was the last night, forever.  

There are some awfully good writers in this antho and I’m SO honored to be among them. You can get a copy here:
(I recommend reading this before December 21st, just in case.)

The list of title and authors is too good not to share:

Thomas Pluck

Some Say the World Will End in Fire
Sidney Anne Harrison

Forward is Where the Croissantwich Is
Chris Rhatigan

Somebody Brave
Kat Laurange

Our Lady
Dale Phillips

Greene Day
Nigel Bird

Megan McCord

The Memory Keeper
Sandra Seamans

Bon Appétit
Barb Goffman

Déjà vu
Christopher Grant

It's Not the End of the World
Matthew C. Funk

A Sound as of Trumpets
Berkeley Hunt

Supper Time
Col Bury

Call the Folks
Alex Keir

Dellani Oakes

The End of Everything
A.J. Hayes

Last Shift
Steven Luna

Into the Night
Veronica Marie Lewis-Shaw

Richard Godwin

Amidst Encircling Gloom
Scott J. Laurange

G. Wells Taylor

Princess Soda and the Bubblegum Knight
R. C. Barnes

The Last Wave
Kaye George

The Dogs on Main Street Howl
Allan Leverone

The Knitted Gaol-Born Sow Monkey
Peter Mark May

Christian Dabnor

The Tasting
Jesse James Freeman

The Annas
Patricia Abbott

Night Train to Mundo Fine
Jimmy Callaway

chicken picture from dreamstime


  1. After reading that lineup, I must have the book. And you're right--best to order it now. That chicken might know something the Mayans and NASA don't.

  2. I'm astounded to be in their company, Kathy! Let me know how you like them, but before the 21st.