Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Press Releases

Everyone should send out press releases when they have a book to be published, right?

OK, but what should it say? And who should it go to? And when should it go out?

Recently I saw some general guidelines online, I've put them below.

Lead Times:
Daily Newspapers, Radio and TV – seven to ten days. Weekly newspapers – four to six weeks. Magazines – four to six months

This means you have to know what your local newspapers (if you still have any) and radio stations are. I'm not sure what magazines I would send a press release to, but some of you may have some in mind.

The best days to send them are supposed to be Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. The term for sending a press release is, well, releasing. But I hate to say release a press release. Maybe the publicity people are less stressed in the middle of the week and will pay more attention to your news.

I've saved the hardest for last. Of course, you must tell them the name and author of your book, a bit about it, and what's happening where. You can announce an award, a signing, or a book launch. Here's what I've put together for the first signing of my novel coming out in October.

For Immediate Release

Contact: Ken Bartay

(254) 741-9499

Media Alert

Kaye George/Broke: An Imogene Duckworthy Mystery

Waco-Kaye George, author of the Imogene Duckworthy mysteries, will sign copies of the third in the series, Broke, at Barnes & Noble Waco on Saturday, November 3th at 2:00 p.m. The store is located in Circuit City Plaza at 4909 West Waco Drive, Waco, TX 76710.

Immy, PI assistant, wants to be on her own. She finds a rental house where her four-year-old daughter, Nancy Drew Duckworthy, and Drew's pet pig, Marshmallow, are allowed. The rumors are that the house is haunted. But it's no rumor there's a dead man in the bathtub when she tours the house.

Kaye George is a novelist and short story writer whose has been nominated for an Agatha award twice. She reviews for Suspense Magazine and writes articles for newsletters and booklets. She lives near Waco.

All events are free and open to the public.


  1. Good post, Kaye. I'm bookmarking it to come back to when the time comes. Thanks.