Wednesday, September 5, 2012

National Preparedness Month

I found out that September is National Preparedness Month. Does this mean I should be prepared for September? Or maybe it means I should take September to prepare? Since I didn't do the former, I'll try the latter.

Not going all that well so far. I posted my Monday blog at All Things Writing on Tuesday when I woke up and remembered it. I pretended I was taking Labor Day seriously, but really, I just wasn't prepared! And I forgot.

There's a lot to prepare for this month! I've joined a new blog, Make Mine Mystery, where I'm blogging twice a month.

I'm part of a discussion panel for the Austin Sisters in Crime chapter on Sunday, the 9th (NOT the 14th as I stated in my newsletter), although I don't need to prepare too much. I'll need to bring books to sell and a change of clothes, since I'm staying the night. I already have an audio book for the drive from Hubbard.

Hubby and I are flying to DC to visit our daughter's family and see their new house the next week, so that take a bunch of prep.

But I won't have to prepare for this blog too much, because I have two more fabulous guests lined up this month! Marilyn Meredith will be here the 19th and Sheila Boneham the 26th.

I've reached a breathing space in my writing. I've handed in my manuscript to Barking Rain Press. EINE KLEINE MURDER is on schedule to be published next spring by them. Yay!

BROKE is in the hands of a few first readers. I have the ebook cover, and that mystery novel is on schedule to be published last September/early October.

I'm writing a short story for an apocalypse anthology. It's due September 15th and I'm doing well on it so far. In fact, it's the only thing I'm actively working on right now.

More is coming, though! Stay tuned. Two more projects are in the wings.

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