Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Guest Chris Redding, Be the Chihuahua

I welcome Chris Redding to my travels today. She has hosted me in the past and it's time to pay her back for her kindness. Chris is a multi-published author in romantic suspense, including some paranormal romantic suspense. For those of you seeking to be published, here's what she has to say about that--and Chihuahuas. Thanks for being here, Chris!

Be the Chihuahua

By Chris Redding

            My degree is in journalism and for about 5 months I actually worked in that field. Did I crave the hard news? Nope. I loved the feature stories, but I went at them with no less vigor than I did the breaking stories.
            Frankly, people’s jobs are interesting. I once spent a half an hour on the phone with a guy named Ted E. Behr (no joke)  talking about effluent. It was fascinating because he found it fascinating.
            What does that have to do with being a Chihuahua?
            Well I always warn my interviewee that I will keep asking questions until I either get an answer or understand what the person is telling me. I liken it to those little dogs that grab onto your pant leg and won’t let go.
            Gotta admire the little guy’s persistence. He’ll hang onto your pant leg and he only weighs eight pounds.
            And I think this is a great attitude on many levels for a writer.
            First you have to be persistent and finish the damn book.
            Then you have to learn all you can about writing and how to make your gem shine.
            And of course you have to submit. No matter how many rejections, you have to keep polishing and keep submitting. Until someone says, “yes.”
            You must write another book. And another. Until you write one that someone wants to publish.
            And when it is published, you have to get out there and network with your readers. You have to do signings. You have to do workshops.
            You have to be persistent.
            Especially because lots of people around you won’t be.  I’ve seen writers come and go and never get published. And it wasn’t because they couldn’t write, it was because they gave up.
            So be the Chihuahua.

Chris Redding lives in New Jersey with her husband, two kids, one dog and three rabbits. She graduated from Penn State with a degree in Journalism. When she isn’t writing she works part time at her local hospital. 

Blonde Demolition
Corpse Whisperer
The Drinking Game
A View to a Kilt

Find Chris on the web:

Here's a bit about her latest book: Blonde Demolition

You just can't hide from the past...

Mallory Sage lives in a small, idyllic town where nothing ever happens. Just the kind of life she has always wanted. No one, not even her fellow volunteer firefighters, knows about her past life as an agent for Homeland Security.

Former partner and lover, Trey McCrane, comes back into Mallory's life. He believes they made a great team once, and that they can do so again. Besides, they don't have much choice. Paul Stanley, a twisted killer and their old nemesis, is back.

Framed for a bombing and drawn together by necessity, Mallory and Trey go on the run and must learn to trust each other again―if they hope to survive. But Mallory has been hiding another secret, one that could destroy their relationship. And time is running out.



  1. Thanks for the inspiring post. Love the story about Ted E. Behr. Crazy!

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  3. I have two chihuahuas and you're definitely right about their persistence. I never get to sleep late now because they have decided they will eat breakfast no later than 7 am. Sometimes I think persistence in writing comes from what you think your writing is worth? Is it ready yet or does it need more work?

  4. Google is giving me a hard time today. But, I'll persevere! Although I'm more the St. Bernard type. Back in the day, I used to talk about effluent too! Don't go to Texas if you represent EPA! Your books sound like fun. Thanks for the pep talk.

  5. It's hard to tell sometimes, isn't it, Pauline? (I took off your duplicate comment, BTW.)

    E.B., I don't believe I've ever talked about effluent. I'm not sure what it is. But then, I live in Texas. Yes, it's a tough place for the EPA.

  6. Chris,
    Love your comparing a writer to a chihuahua. Persistence is what we need to keep on writing.