Thursday, August 25, 2022

New, Good Deals, and Funny Stories

 8 25 2022 



I know that my last post had links to a number of reviews and giveaways of my latest book, but I was surprised by one more this week!  I think you need to apply for the e-book contest by Saturday. Or maybe Friday. I didn’t know Lorie Ham had asked Edith Maxwell to review this at Kings River Life Magazine and also didn’t know they were doing this giveaway! What a nice surprise!






I have more news, too! Now that it’s official, I feel I can tell you that I was asked to write a story for Black Cat Weekly by Michael Bracken. He had an idea and asked Josh Pachter to write it, but Josh suggested that I do it. Wasn’t that nice? Those are two very good guys. It was almost worth getting Covid, going to Malice Domestic and being asked this. (My family, to whom I gave it, would probably not agree.)



I signed and returned the contract this week, and it will be in edition #58, which should be the weekend of October 8th, if I counted correctly.


If you don’t subscribe to this excellent publication, you probably should. You can sign up or buy copies here:




Untreed Reads has arranged for special priced bundles for the Neanderthal books, People of the Wind, AND for my Imogene Duckworthy novels at get all three novels in all e-formats.




Last week I took a quick trip to see that same family and did NOT bring them any diseases. My grandsons both take violin lessons, from two different teachers, and they were happening two of the days I was there. I tagged along to meet the teachers and see the lessons. (I’m a violinist and used to give lessons long ago.) At the first lesson for the older boy (and my daughter) (who is a clarinet and recorder player who recently decided to learn violin and cello), the teacher asked if I’d like to do a duet with her at the end of the lesson. I got to play my daughter’s violin, which is a joy to play.



The teacher thumbed through some of her duet books and I landed on Leonard Cohen’s “Hallelujah,” which she said she did not know! It was fun, and when I got home, I asked my daughter to give me the teacher’s email so I could send her the YouTube of Cohen singing it. I like the one live in London. My daughter sent me the email on my business account for Kaye George, and I emailed her from there, not thinking about the link to my webpage. Well, turns out she loves mysteries and by the next week, had ordered some of mine!



Okay, that was really fun, but here’s an even funnier related story. My younger grandson is very impressed that Grandma is an author. We went out to lunch one day and he asked his parents if people would be asking Grandma for her autograph. I refrained from loud laughter, but said it was unlikely.



Then his lesson was later that day. He had to brag to his teacher that I was a writer and it turns out she reads mostly cozy mysteries! So I gave her a card and, just before we left, she asked me to autograph it—using that word. My grandson got his wish!



New book, new story coming up, and two new fans—it’s all good!


I hope your month is going well, too.

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