Wednesday, December 30, 2020

Resolutions? Not this time

 I did those for 2020, and look what happened there. I’ll try to do everything differently so as not to jinx the whole world again, in case I did it last time.


I WILL make some goals, but I might (or might not) keep them private, just between me and whoever owns that voice in my head.


In the past, I did post about my exhortations to myself, and those years seemed to turn out better than this last dumpster fire. I keep a daily journal, Monday through Friday, so, okay, not exactly daily. But pretty close, right? I usually review what I got done the day before and set out what I want to accomplish that day, plus appointments and other stuff. Like, water the plants, get allergy shots—those recurring things that I lose track of if they’re not written somewhere. At the end of every day, I give myself a pep talk.


Was it Janet Evanovich who said she has a job and she works for Janet Evanovich? I think so. That’s genius and I like to tell myself I work for Kaye George. (There was that side gig for Janet Cantrell, but she didn’t keep me on after the contract was up. Oh well.) I’m an okay, so-so boss. I do prefer that my employee show up every day. That includes weekends, even though she’s not required to keep that daily journal on Saturdays and Sundays. There have been a few days this month when she didn’t show up to work and I wish there were a way to dock her pay. But I don’t pay her, so that’s out.


Anyway, in an effort

to be a good boss, I do like to encourage her. So I have her put a note of encouragement at the end of each page of the journal. This actually started years ago with the Nike slogan, JUST DO IT**. I think it morphed into YOU CAN DO IT the next year. I have yet to pick one for her for next year, but here are some of my favorites from the year and the past.







**historical footnote: I looked up when this slogan first started and found this startling article.***

***personal footnote: I read the book by his brother, SHOT IN THE HEART by Mikal Gilmore onto tape for a blind friend after it came out, in 1994 or so. If you ever want to know how to create an enraged killer, this book is practically a blueprint.

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  1. Goals seem more pleasant to strive for than resolutions. I never thought of having a slogan. I did have "Always Choosing" as my screen saver once, which was a kind of slogan, I suppose, but I kept choosing not to do what I'd intended. "You Can Do It" has worked well for you--because you've done it! Congratulations, take care of yourself, and have a great 2021.

    1. Thanks, Kathy. Here's hoping, for 2021, but I'm not letting my guard down yet.