Wednesday, December 16, 2020

Covid nights and days

Covid nights and days


How are you holding up? I think I’m barely making it and I think that’s true of a lot of people. I recently complained, online, about my weird sleeping habits lately and the likelihood that they’re related to depression and anxiety. I’m thankful for all the responses, which were so encouraging and sympathetic. I now know that I’m not alone in this. (It’s good to be a complainer sometimes.) My practice, when I’m down, is to make a list of good things. So, here goes~~ 



The election


The vaccine


Two potential publications (those will turn into bad things if I get rejects, but I’m used to those)


My family (I dare anyone in the world to say they have a better one than I do)


My friends (ditto above)


My readers (I don’t even know all of them, but do hear from some of them sometimes—those are golden spots)


My present occupation/career/work, writing mysteries


My colleagues/fellow mystery writers, many of whom are friends, all of whom, as a group, are the best co-workers anyone could hope for


My health, such as it is. Good for my age, is what they say, I think. This includes my mental faculties, such as they are, too. Also good for my age.


My overall situation, being able to afford eat, drink, shelter, some presents for my kids and grands


Feel free to add to this list, or, better yet, make your own!

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  1. "Two potential publications (those will turn into bad things if I get rejects, but I’m used to those)" As I see it, you wrote something and submitted them, so that's darned good. I'm hang in there. It helps not to be a social butterfly in the first place. I thought my sleeplessness was my fault, but then I learned it may be a drug's fault, and now I'm taking a low dose of something that has me sleeping close to 8 hours and sometimes 10 or 11. I like it a lot. Technically, it's for anxiety, but I was born anxious, so I think it would take much higher dose to address that. I'm happy with the sleep.

  2. It's great you got something good for sleep AND anxiety. I got some short-term memory loss from anxiety meds and can't take those, so I just have to deal with that. Hang in there.