Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Something New for Me!

I got an invitation out of the blue this week and I’m eager to tell you about it. Another new road for me.

E. B. Davis, a mystery writer I’ve known for some time, asked if I would like to fill an upcoming vacancy at the excellent blog, Writers Who Kill. I thought it about it long and hard for about two minutes.

I’ve followed this blog for a long time and know at least a little about all the bloggers, and am good friends with most of them.

James M. Jackson, author of the Seamus McCree mysteries, is stepping down to do other writerly things, so I’m filling his spot, which is every other Sunday.

I’m still blogging once a month at Killer Characters, wherethe characters do the talking. And I’ll keep up with Travels with Kaye. My intention here has always been to blog once a week, but I admit I’ve been lax lately, so maybe not quite once a week. In fact, maybe every other week. That sounds about right.

Most of the blogger pictures at the side of the new place contain lethal weapons, so I dug out mine from a Writers Police Academy. I believe it’s the only picture of me with an actual lethal weapon. I could totally fire it and I would totally shoot nowhere near the target. I’m a terrible shot.

I’m looking forward to joining the group there! I hope some of you reading this will follow me over and check out the other writers there, too.

new road photo by johnlindsay at


  1. Thanks for the blog update. See you there (here)!

  2. Congratulations on your new gig. I look forward to reading your posts there, and here as well whenever one appears.

  3. I'll watch for you forward there.

    I should get a picture of myself with a weapon. I'm actually a good shot...non-living targets only.

    1. You should, if you can actually use the thing! Thanks.