Wednesday, October 10, 2018


Actually, there were lots of things to buy, including home-made pralines from a woman who grew up in New Orleans! (

It was fun seeing all the old cars. It was a Lions Club benefit show, held in a huge local church parking lot. I spoke to the owner of the green Model A Ford. He told me, when I asked, how to tell the difference between a Model A and a Model T. He said to look at the fenders. The T’s fenders are flat and the A’s fenders are rounded at the edges. Also a T has a taller cab. His car (the green one) was, like every single one there, pristine. The most common sight was of men polishing and dusting their shiny cars.  

I liked the red ’39 Ford (I asked). The guy who owned it kept himself scarce, but the truck owner told me that the man had taken 8 years to restore it.

I didn’t see any ’40 or ’42 Hudsons. That’s what I grew up driving.

And books! The Authors Guild of TN had a double booth where xx of us sold our books. Some of us did better, but I just sold one, and wasn’t alone in that. However, the woman who bought DEATH IN THE TIME OF ICE was an anthropologist and was very interested. I hope I have a new fan!

photos by me and Denise Sherriff

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