Wednesday, October 17, 2018

A Brand New Adventure

This weekend will be an adventure in several ways. What will? Magna Cum Murder!

I’m attending this conference next weekend, Oct 19-21, for the first time ever. I love going to new-to-me conferences and I also love going to old, tried-and-true cons, like Malice.

I’ll be on TWO panels, so I’m pumped about that. On Saturday at 4:30, I’ll be speaking on the topic, Down These Mean Streets—PI novels. My Imogene Duckworthy series sort of qualified, right? She wants to be one. And she works for one, eventually. My worthy panel mates are Dianna Collier, Jim Doherty, and Terence Faherty, with M. Ruth Myers moderating. 

The other panel is Sunday at 9 am. At least it will feel like 10 to me, being from one time zone over. This panel is called The Mists of Time and deals with historical novels, and one pre-history series (mine). Moderated by Fedora Amis, our panel consists of Albert Bell, Bradley Harper, and Caroline Todd.

I believe I’m meeting all these moderators and panelists for the first time, except Caroline Todd. We’ve done panels together before. I’m very much looking forward to this.

A couple of other really cool things: I’m meeting up with a few writers I see at other conferences, and will meet some people I feel that I know well online, but have never physically met. Should be fun!

Here’s another way this is an adventure. I’m getting the pin out of my toe the day before I fly there. I haven’t walked normally, without a clunky shoe or boot, for 6 weeks. And I didn’t walk well before that for a long time because of the condition of my feet. Which should be fixed, miraculously when the pin comes out and the post-op shoe comes off. Right? I can walk all over the place then. Okay, I know—I’ll try not to overdo for a bit. But then I WILL get back to walking for exercise.

photos from by TrisMarie and NicolaAvery


  1. How exciting! The Imogene Duckworthy series definitely qualifies as a PI novel. Her streets are very mean, especially the one where Larry Bird keeps pecking at her ankles.

  2. Oh yes, glad you reminded me of that. I really need to review my own books before Friday.