Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Malice Recap

Here’s one more post on Malice, if you can stand another one. I stayed with my daughter’s family for a week afterward, so this is the soonest I can get this up. I had a delightful time with my 5 and 7 year old grandsons. We play a game we invented called “Birdies.” It can only be played on the blow up bed when Grandma is there. I’m the Mommy Robin and they’re the baby birds. We hunt for worms in the covers and sometimes a storm comes and shakes the whole tree violently. This time, though, the younger one wanted to start out as an egg and he had a TV in his egg. Nice variation.

OK, Malice! I survived, despite 3 breakfasts in a row at 7:45, 7:30, and 7:00. These are all AM, BTW.

Here’s my table at the Guppy breakfast: Nancy West, Annette Dashovy, me, Marilyn Levinson, Teresa Inge, and Teresa Heart.

This photo is from Marilyn Levinson at the Guppy dinner, later the same day. We’ve been accused to wearing matching tops, but mine is blue and hers is black.

Here’s a whole bunch of Guppies at the Sisters in Crime breakfast. Some of them took off their boas, but not me!

My last picture is of Ramona DeFelice Long’s Sprint Group. I’m not a morning writer, but I do weigh in sometimes in the afternoon when I’m slaving away. These are me, Joyce Tremel, Cheryl Marceau, Edith Maxwell, Kimberly Hon Kirth-Gray, Cheryl Hollon, Dru Ann Love (blogger/reviewer and friend to all mystery writers), Mary Feliz, Annette Dashovy, Mary Sutton, and Ramona herself. This was my first time to meet Ramona in person!

All in all, the change of hotels for this conference was a good thing. We don’t have to meet beneath the Metro and don’t have to wait forEVer for elevators. The restaurant was overwhelmed for the weekend, but maybe they’ll be better prepared next year.

(If I got anyone's name wrong, let me know!)

My garden morphed from mostly azaleas into peonies and iris and roses while I was gone. The flowers don’t seem to need me at all.

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