Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Work Like a Dog

 This is national Work Like a Dog Day. It says so right here:

You may have noticed a notation that this should not be confused with Work-A-Holic Day, which was July 5th.

So are we all working like dogs today? Maybe you are, but for me--heck no! It’s way too hot! (Be glad you’re not in Iran where the estimated heat index was 165 this week.)

Me? I’m enjoying the sunshine that is outside my window. I’m also enjoying the AC inside my house. If the heat index were 165 here, or even 100 (it’s 97 right now), I don’t believe I would be able to write this, let alone the novel I’m working on.

I very much enjoyed writing DEATH IN THE TIME OF ICE while we lived in hot, hot Texas. They were in a cold place, needing to flee from an approaching glacier. The wind blowing off the impending ice was frigid. However, in this novel, they actually are fleeing and they’re headed south. It’s getting hotter and hotter. I can no longer look up from my keyboard shivering when it’s in the 90s. I’m simpatico with them now.

Why would anyone put this day in the middle of the Dog Days of Summer?

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