Wednesday, August 19, 2015

New Audio Book!

The Imogene Duckworthy Trilogy is now complete in paperback, e-book, and audio! Many thanks to Veronica Newton, who has read all three. I think she did an especially nice job on this one, and while recovering from shoulder surgery. OK, maybe she was recovered by the time she was reading, but I’ve had shoulder surgery myself and know that it takes the stuffing out of a person.

I suppose I shouldn’t call it a Trilogy, since I do plan to write more of these, fitting in these self-published works between my contracted novels.

If you haven’t read BROKE yet, I’ll let you know that it steps almost over to the far side. I’ll let the reader decide whether it really does or not.

You can now get CHOKE, SMOKE, and BROKE, all on audio. I’ll mention that if you’re new to Audible and if you order one of these books as your first one, Veronica and I get to split a “bounty” and that’s a nice little bonus for us. Even if you’re not new to Audible, if you like to listen to books, I hope you’ll consider these.

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