Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Arthritis Awareness Month

Since this is Arthritis Awareness Month, and since I had PT today for TWO joints, one right after another (which took about three hours), and since said joints aren’t doing all that well tonight, I’ll leave it at that. Here’s a pretty picture of some bones which may or may not have been arthritic, and a link to the official webpage

By the way, I’ve discovered menthol patches and can highly recommend them.


  1. I should have waited until today to post. Everything feels much better--thanks!

  2. My arthritic knees and I sympathize.

  3. It's hell getting old! The new PT thinks I have a pulled hip flexor. I'm going back to my massage therapist's diagnosis: reclineritis. The orthopod told me to spend a lot of time in the recliner (to sleep there, but I didn't). I think it got all shortened and cramped. Or something. Anyway, I hope the PT can get it worked out.