Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Going to Malice!

I’ve lost track of the number of times I’ve attending the Malice Domestic mystery convention. My first year there, I didn’t know a soul, but got brave and sat by people in the spacious green room (which doesn’t exist at the present venue). It was so easy! Mystery writers are, in spite of their murderous thoughts, very nice people.

This year, I will know dozens of people there. It will be hard to go into a room and not know anyone. No wonder it’s my favorite conference--I’m so comfortable there.

This is the third time I’m going as a nominee. That’s a super thrill and a half!

Since I have family in the area, I’m going to tack on a stay, so my travels will keep me off the blog next week. But I’ll be back week after that!

One great thing about Malice is that I always meet people I know online, but have never met in person. I hope to meet some more this year!!


  1. Made it! I have a few moments to play with my brand new toy, a little ASUS Transformer (with a very sensitive keyboard!)