Wednesday, January 1, 2014

What's Next?


I’m stealing thunder from my posts that I’ll make on my goal-keeping sites tomorrow, but I think this can go here as well. I did a 2013 recap last week, so it’s fitting I do some goal setting for 2014 this week. Here goes!

*CHOKE, SMOKE, BROKE - promote and sell
*SMOKE & BROKE - put out audio books
*STROKE - start writing
*DEATH IN THE TIME OF ICE - promote and sell
*sketch out a sequel to ICE (DEATH ON THE TREK) write first draft
*EINE KLEINE MURDER - promote and sell
*REQUIEM FOR RED - (sequel to EINE) finish rewrite
*FAT CAT AT LARGE - finish Janet Cantrell web page (pub date is Sept 2014)
            August: Hold a Fat Cat Story contest for free copy (copies? mugs? totes?)
*FAT CAT 2 - proposal by Feb 1st, manuscript by June 15th
*FAT CAT 3 - proposal by Nov 1st
*short stories - get more than 6 published (submit 1/month)

There are some short stories in the works. The Austin Mystery Writers are working on an anthology that I’ll contribute two stories to. Then we’ll get edits and seek a publisher. I have these mostly finished.

I’m slated to write a story for a Memphis Noir anthology. I haven’t started that yet. I would really like to work in a trip to Memphis first.

I contributed a story for an anthology that will be out in 2014:
            PRINCE FLOUNDER AND THE FISHERMAN, requested for Grimm Futures

I’d also like to put out another short story collection, or maybe two, one mystery, one dark fantasy (or horror, whichever you prefer).

Send out rewards to my Street Team in January.

One more thing: a children’s book for Sam


  1. Holy Moly, Kaye. I'm exhausted from 2014 already, and that was just from reading your list.

    Best wishes for the new year.

    ~ Jim

  2. I'll let you in on a secret, Jim. Some of those were on my 2013 list. Maybe I should have called this my Wish List.

  3. I'm ready for a nap just reading this list. You are really from another planet populated by super beings, are you not?

  4. I love the title for the next book in the music series: Requiem for Red. Hurry up with that one, please. Can't wait to read it. And can't wait to see what music you reference in it. I'm also happy to see another Imogene book in the works. As a Southerner I'm a bit sensitive to certain "eccentric" Southern characters. You handled Imogene and her friends quite well. She's unintentionally comic but not a stereotypical redneck buffoon. I'm amused, but not insulted and that's saying a lot.

    Happy 2014!
    Betty P

  5. Thank you so much for all of this, Betty! That was my goal, to make the Immy books funny without ridicule or poking fun in a mean way. That IS saying a lot and I appreciate it so much!

    The Requiem for Red title is mine, so I don't know if the publisher will keep it, but I hope so!