Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Bath Safety Month and a plug

January is Bath Safety Month. But, you say, shouldn’t every month be safe in the bathroom? Yes, of course. So what should we do this month? Install grab bars? Get new rugs that don’t slip? Get new bath mats for the tub?

How about if your bathroom is already perfectly safe? Here’s a suggestion. Light a candle, get together some chocolate and maybe wine or Scotch, fill a tub with warm, scented water, lower yourself in, and read a scary bathroom story. I happen to have one handy!


  1. Oh, yes, I have "The Bathroom" on my Kindle, and I will say that since reading it, I've felt--well, it's kind of like Janet Leigh felt about showers after filming Psycho. Things will never be quite the same.

  2. Sorry about that, but...well, it worked. Thanks for reading it!

  3. But I'm a shower person. It's so hard reading my Nook in the shower.

  4. LD, what can I say? You're missing out on one of life's pleasures. And a perfect way to get away by yourself for a long time.