Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Yard Update

Our landscapers were busy last week! Five trees were removed, three from the front yard, and the many, many plants were removed. They were beautiful and we enjoyed them throughout the spring and summer, but weeding is not our hobby. So we’ve simplified.

New lawn has been seeded under the straw and the remaining green, which our landscaper refused to call grass, has been aerated and overseeded. Aerated the heck out of it, was the exact phrase.

Now we’re watering every other day and hoping to see nice, new, green grass in a couple of weeks. Meanwhile, our neighbors have thanked us for removing the pampas grass. They can now see to back out of their driveway. We can, too! The pinestraw, weighed down by rocks, is covering up plastic that will, we all hope, kill the horrible English ivy that covered that part of the yard.


  1. What a huge project! I hope everything turns out as you envision it.

  2. The way of dealing with plants and trees is quite different, as you can't exactly tell if they're healthy or not at first glance, unlike with animals, for example. That's why you were right to let your landscapers check and restore their health! Good luck with your yard improvement!
    Melva Ullman @