Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Self-serving Blog Today

I notice a lot of folks touting their scary stories, since it’s almost Halloween. If you’re still looking for some, these first three are cheap--99 cents!

These three were all written for the late, lamented Dark Valentine ezine:

Shipwreck, written on a challenge from a prompt 
Twelve DrummersDrumming (a very dark Christmas tale, but fitting for any season)
The Bathroom, inspired by the fall that tore my rotator cuff

This one is free!
My broken Roomba gave me fodder for a zombie story that appeared in Kings River Life Magazine last year.

Then there are these tales of the last day on earth, Nightfalls.
 (paperback also)

Some scary stories are in All Things Dark and Dastardly.

Mangled adult fairy tales in this grim collection, Grimm Tales.

Last, but not least, is BROKE, the third Imogene Duckworthy mystery, centered around a haunted house. All ebook formats at Untreed ReadsPaperback at Amazon