Wednesday, September 4, 2013


Are you bad about saying thank you? I regret that I'm not an accomplished thanker at all! If I'm complimented on a new outfit, my first inclination is to say something derogatory about the outfit, like, I got it on sale, or, You like this? I’ve had it for twelve years. Over time, I’ve come to realize that this is a slap in the fact of the person, like saying they have no taste if they like this old thing. What I should say is, simply, “Thank you.”

Then there’s the other end of thanks. I get enjoyment out of helping people out. If a person in the grocery store is riding a scooter and gazing longingly at something on the top shelf, I stop and ask if I can get it down for them. I get embarrassed if I receive profuse thanks for helping with such an easy task as that. I usually mumble something like, “That’s OK.”

I found these synonyms for “thanking”. 
giving thanks

But underneath that are these antonyms:
finding fault

The antonyms are my natural response to being thanked! That’s not good. There are lots and lots of good ways to respond, better than “That’s OK.”:  

No sweat.
No problem.
You're welcome.
Don't worry about it.
Don't mention it.
You're quite welcome.
No, not at all.
It's my pleasure.
It's the least I could do.

Now I need to sit down and go over these--and remember them next time someone thanks me.  Two simple phrases is all I need. Thank you and You’re welcome.


  1. My East Texas granny smacked those phrases into my head at the dinner table when I was a wee tot. Thank you and You're welcome. Very good. And Please. These simple words are the glue that holds our social fabric together.

  2. I wasn't smacked, but I was taught them thoroughly. I just embarrassed when someone compliments me. I don't ever thing I deserve it!