Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Malice 2013

What a fun time I had! I got to meet new people and connect with ones I already know, mostly from Malice in previous years.

The Malice Go Round was worthwhile, but soooo tiring! Picture by Greg Puhl.

The Guppy Steering Committee met (in the bar, of course).

That’s me, Karen Duxbury, Elaine Douts, and Teresa Inge. Jim Jackson was also there, but behind the camera for this shot. 

Here’s a shot of him from Teresa: Teresa, Maria Hudgins, Shari Randall, Jim Jackson, Jan (with Jim). and me

Here’s a picture of me, Tracy (don’t have her last name), Larissa Reinhart, and Diane Vallere. 

My panel early on Sunday was well-attended and went smoothly. Larissa (on the right) is from the same area where I grew up and where EINE KLEINE MURDER (the book debuting at his conference) is set. Karen MacInerney (next to Larissa) was in the first face-to-face critique group I joined in Austin. And Peter Lovesey was just fun to sit next to, listening to his British accent. C. Ellet Logan (on the left) ran the panel with aplomb. (Picture from Larissa’s friend)

At my signing, Harlen Cobin was wandering around and Daryl Gerber jumped up to talk to him, then got her picture with him. So, I did too.

After Malice, Sherry and her husband zipped me to Baltimore for a signing at Kim Gray’s Gift Cellar which she kindly donated for a signing by Sheila Connolly, James M. Jackson, me, Edith Maxwell, Kimberley Lynne, and Barb Ross.

I'm probably the last Malice attendee to post pictures, but here they are!


  1. Glad you had a good time. Thanks for sharing the pics.

  2. You're welcome! Better late than never, eh?

  3. Sorry my time at Malice was so short, but we sure had fun!

  4. Thanks, Kaye. Nice to match faces with the names I see on the Guppies discussion group!

  5. Nice to see you here, Wolfgang!

  6. Oh, seeing those conference badges hanging around everyone's neck certainly brings me back to other days.

    Sounds like you had a grand time.

  7. I absolutely did, Claire! My pictures always have me with a goofy smile because I'm having so much fun. :)