Wednesday, May 29, 2013

A May Yard Update

Things are moving along. We had more peonies that I’ve ever seen in one place. The iris came out at the same time.

Our little tree revealed itself as a peach tree! I haven’t treated the fruit, so I doubt we’ll eat any of these, but next year, for sure.

After the fierce rain beat the white peonies to death, some pink ones came out. Not as many, but gorgeous.

And roses! I’ve killed all the roses I ever had, so send good thoughts for these.

We got mulch laid in the back flower bed and it’s ready for some potted plants, I think. Next from the yard will be day lilies, just getting started now. I shot these last pictures a little too late in the day, I think. But I can't wait until tomorrow. My Wednesday blog would be late.


  1. You have a most beautiful yard. Full of unexpected treasures.

  2. Nice! Thanks for sharing! I hope you will keep posting about your garden throughout the season.

  3. I plan to, Librarian! It saves thinking up a blog topic once a month. The daylilies are still teasing us, but they're almost ready to pop.