Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Flying off again

I’m away again, this absence unplanned. A grandchild is deciding, six weeks before he’s supposed to be born, to give his mother, my daughter, a hard time. She was put on bed rest last week and I flew to help out with the toddler on Saturday, the 9th.

Hubby alerted me to what was going on in the yard just before I started packing on Friday, so I had to snap a few shots of the blooms, and one of the woods. Here’s what our new place looks like out back:


  1. Update: Grandbaby was born on 2/10! He's small, but mighty and doing well. Our daughter came home last night. Grandma (me) is keeping up, barely with two-year-old big brother and we hope baby comes home in a week or so.

  2. Great pictures.
    I'm glad your daughter has come home from the hospital. Hooray for the grandsons. Get some sleep!

  3. Thanks, Gale. I'll miss the daffodils entirely since I'm here for a month. But there's always next year. And the new grandson is only born once!

  4. Kaye, when you get back, come on by my blog, this post: I have a blog award for you.

    Hope all is going well with the new little one.