Wednesday, October 3, 2012


Imogene Duckworthy is a responsible adult. No, wait, she’s getting there! I realize that, if you’ve read the first two books of her adventures, CHOKE and SMOKE, you might think she has a long ways to go. But she does have a responsible job (OK, she got fired once, but she got her job back), she’s saved up enough to buy a car (OK, it’s a clunker, but it runs--so far), and she figures it’s time for her to move out and have her own place.

The problem, as BROKE opens, is finding a rental property in Wymee Falls that will accept her, her four-year-old daughter Nancy Drew Duckworthy, and Drew’s pet potbelly pig Marshmallow. He’s a cutie and very well behaved, but he is a pig.

The real estate agent, Jersey Shorr, finds four places that are amenable to having pigs, which surprises Ms. Shorr, but only one is in Immy’s price range. The rumor that the house is haunted doesn’t deter our intrepid Immy, but she is taken aback by the body of a broken-necked man in the bathtub.

You can sample a bit of the book hereIt’s available for Kindle and on Smashwords in all electronic formats right now.

As soon as Nook finishes processing the files, I’ll announce it launched, but you heard it here first.

The paperback is in the works and should be ready in a week or two. Certainly by Halloween! This is a bit of a spooky story, what with the ghost and all.

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