Thursday, May 5, 2022

My adventures last month AND a teaser

5 5 2022 


We were all so excited! Going to a real conference for the first time in a few years (for me). Everyone attending Malice Domestic was required to submit proof of vaccination, so we felt so safe.


Too safe. Most of us ditched our masks for the weekend in the hotel in Bethesda MD, and even hugged each other. It felt so good.

We loved having a crowded hotel room get together Friday night with libations and goodies. Fun and crowded and loud.


Here’s the panel I was on. The subject was blended genres, as all of us write something a little different from each other. It went very well!


Moderator, Elizabeth Crowens, me, Marilyn Levinson, Leslie Karst, Paula Benson, and Kathryn O'Sullivan.


I wish I had a picture of our banquet table. I sat at the one hosted by Leslie Karst and Ellen Byron. Ellen won the Agatha for Best Novel! That was awfully fun.


Then we left. And that wasn’t fun. You may have heard about this. Many, many of us came away with a case of covid. This late variant, at least, is not lethal to the vaxxed. But it wasn’t easy either! I had a terribly sore throat for about three days, and am still having some brain fog, fatigue, and my sense of taste is a bit off. It’s not gone, just off. The worst part of my being ill was that I was staying at my daughter’s house to have a fun week. Instead, I made them sick, too.


So I isolated 5 days in their guest room, flew home on May 1st, and am now masking for five days at home. Honestly, though, I think I’ll mask for the foreseeable future.


Here’s the teaser! I just got the cover of my third People of the Wind novel, DEATH IN THE NEW LAND, which will be out July 19th! There will be preorder information soon, too.



Talk about a roller coaster ride. I’m getting dizzy.



  1. I love the book cover. I'm so sorry about what you ended up paying for your fun weekend. I'm still just too scared to go in for crowds -- I won't even go to the movie theater for an hour and a half. Hope you're feeling better by now.

  2. Thanks! For both comments. I'm nearly over it now and think I'll have extra resistance for a few months anyway.

  3. What fun that you got to go to a live conference. I’m sad you got COVID, even with vaccination. We are going to the World Science Fiction convention in August, and Bouchercon here at home the following weekend. We will be masked for sure. I hope all your symptoms go away soon. Librariandoa

  4. My Covid case was light, but it's hanging on forever! I ate mostly tea and crackers yesterday, but that was a blip, I hope. Have fun at your gatherings!