Wednesday, April 1, 2020

Non-Amazon Online Bookstores

I posted this on another blog a few days ago, but I think it’s worth repeating here. From my Writers Who Kill post on 3/19, I’ve added a few that were in the comments there.

As Amazon announces their priorities during the COVID-19 crisis, maybe we should take a little pressure off them. They may have trouble shipping books now or in the near future, temporarily.

With the help of a bunch of people on Facebook, I’ve collected some online paperback book sources for you to consider. You NEED to buy some books when you’re shut in, right? Many of these also sell e-books, too. Though I don’t think Amazon/Kindle is interrupted, a lot of people have other kinds of e-readers, including me.

I’m giving preference to my own publishers’ sites—can’t blame me for that, right? I haven’t tried all of these, but they’ve all been recommended. Some of them offer curbside pickup. Some are beloved local bookstores and some of those have had to close the physical building to customers.

Feel free to add your favorites in the comments. Let’s keep reading!

Untreed Reads

Wildside Press

Black Cat Mystery and Science Fiction

Darkhouse Books

Barnes &Noble


Mystery Loves Company

Powell’s Books

Indie Bound



Book Depository



Mystery Lovers Bookshop

Mysterious Galaxy

Books Inc.

Better World Books

Third Place Books

eBay books

Copperfish Books

Once Upon a Crime

Kepler’s Books

Book People

Half-Price Books

Village Books

Beaverdale Books

Malaprop’s Books and Café

Thrift Books

The Book Rack

Belle Books, from Jackie on WWK

Books2Read, from Elle Andrews Patt on WWK

Book Shop, from Gary Phillips on WWK
(connects with indie bookstores to fulfill online sales)

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  1. One more, from Peg Cochran: Offering pickup
    Kazoo Books
    2413 Parkview Ave.
    Kalamazoo, MI 49008